Why is the Palace of Culture at the centre of a new exhibition?

Palaces of Culture are the architectural, social and cultural capitals of European countries, which are home to some of the most remarkable and unique buildings in the world.

But these iconic sites can also be a haven for the most dangerous and neglected of crimes, according to a new investigation into how they have been used to protect VIPs and their families.

The Palace of Cultural Arts, which opened in the heart of Berlin in March 2016, is a collaboration between Berlin’s prestigious Museumsfonds-Institut für Kunstwerk and the German government.

The museum, which has been in the Palais de Comptoir since 2013, has attracted a range of international artists and international museums.

The exhibition features the work of some of Berlin’s most influential artists, including Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, French architect Bernard Trifon and Italian sculptor Piero Toscani.

But the project is also about highlighting the crimes that took place inside and outside of the Palaces.

In the past, the Palace has been an unlikely home for the crimes of those involved in the palace’s protection, according the new report.

At the end of 2015, the Berlin police reported that at least six of its staff had been murdered by the palace staff.

They had been targeted as they were on their way to the palace to perform a public service or to attend an event.

Their bodies were found by the guards who had been sent in to search for them.

The Palace of Social and Cultural Rights and Security, which is also at the heart the Palares of Cultural Art, was not even built until after the murder of the staff members, according an official statement.

This is the third report about the Palace in less than two years.

The first report in October 2016 said that the palace was not safe for visitors.

The second report in March 2017, which analysed more than 2,000 pages of documents, said that no one was safe in the Palace.

It was also reported that the Palace’s security systems had been compromised.

“The Palace is an ideal place to hide your secrets and hide your crimes,” said the report.

“We want to bring these problems to the surface.

We want to make the Palace safe again for its visitors, to protect them from those who would harm them.”

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