When the French government took over Paris, they turned the palace into a museum

In a palace where every detail of the interior had been meticulously preserved, one room held the memories of the past: a wooden bench that once held a framed photograph of Napoleon, who had been king of France from 1804 to 1813.

The photo was hung on a peg.

On a wall, a painting by Michelangelo, one of the world’s greatest artists, hung on an easel.

The room was filled with photos, and some of them were still framed.

“The picture in the picture frame is my wife, my dear husband, my brother, my children,” said one of them, his face contorted with emotion.

“She is gone,” the man said.

A second man, wearing a blue hat and a black scarf, said: “He was one of our friends, my friend.

He was a friend to my wife.”

The room had been transformed.

Its walls were filled with the photos of the former monarchs of France, who have now been lost to history.

In this room, the painting by Raphael was still hanging.

The French government had given it to the Paris museums.

And on another wall, in another room, an old, red-and-white painting by Pablo Picasso was still standing.

But the painting that had once been hung in this room was gone.

A French museum has been turning the Paris Palace into a private museum and has taken the remains of Napoleon and his wife, Eugène, to Paris to show to the public.

The former king was the subject of one of France’s most famous court cases, in which the court decided that Napoleon had committed treason.

In the 1960s, the French court ordered the ex-king to be returned to his native France.

But he died a year later, in 1972, at age 94.

And after his death, his wife and children were taken to a convent in Belgium.

The palace, which dates back to the late 18th century, has been turned into a memorial museum.

French officials, including the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, are now trying to restore it to its former glory.

And this week, the country’s national museums announced that they will allow visitors to visit the former palace.

They are hoping to attract the country to their museums.

But they face a daunting task.

France’s history is full of warring dynasties.

Napoleon was the son of two of the most powerful men in France, and he was the head of the French army, but he was also the son-in-law of Napoleon III.

Napoleon’s father was Napoleon III’s great-grandson, Louis XIII, and the son, Louis XIV, was the heir to the throne.

And Napoleon’s grandson, Louis XV, was king of Spain.

The country’s history also includes other dynastys.

During the French Revolution, a French king named Louis XVI was the first to rise to power in France and the world.

But in the end, Louis XVI did not conquer the world, and it was the French royal family that did.

But that did not stop the French from trying.

In 1803, France declared independence from England, and when Napoleon rose to power, he also declared that France should be an independent nation.

He did this despite a treaty that had been signed by Napoleon and Britain, but the French king was still not convinced.

Napoleon III, who was the youngest of the three sons of Louis XVI, became King of France.

France remained in British hands until 1814, when Napoleon was overthrown by his nephew, Charles X, who wanted to be emperor.

But Charles X was assassinated and his son, Charles XIV, took power in 1814.

After Napoleon III died in 1815, the young king was succeeded by his son Charles II, who became king of Germany and eventually France.

He ruled for four years, from 1819 to 1827, before being overthrown in 1830 by his brother, Louis III.

The first major event in French history, in 1834, was a revolution in which Charles X became the first French president, a move that made him the most popular of all of France ‘s political leaders.

In that year, Charles XII of France rose to become the French president.

But during that time, Charles XIII was also in the grip of his brother Louis XIII’s influence.

The son, Napoleon III was a young man.

And his father was a strong and determined man.

Napoleon II was born in 1819, when his father had been crowned king of Bavaria, Germany.

But after Charles XII died in 1830, Napoleon II ascended the throne of France in 1833.

The two men grew up in the same household, and in the early 20th century they both were working in the Paris offices of the International Monetary Fund, and Napoleon II went on to become one of Europe ‘s most powerful politicians.

During this period, the two men became close.

In 1933, when Charles XII was assassinated, Napoleon and Napoleon

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