When it comes to art, it’s all about the eye

People are fascinated by the eye, but where does it come from?

We’re all familiar with the ancient Greek notion of the eye being the seat of perception, and it is certainly the most important part of a human being.

But where does the eye really come from, and how did it evolve to become the most valuable part of our brains?

We don’t have an entirely clear answer to these questions.

What we do have, however, is evidence that the eye evolved from the retina.

The retina is the part of the brain responsible for the production of light.

The brain has a lot of photoreceptors on its surface that are sensitive to the ultraviolet and infrared light that our eyes are able to detect.

These photoreceptor cells are actually called rods and cones, which we’ve already discussed.

They are responsible for picking up the light in the infrared and ultraviolet range.

The rod and cone cells are located on the retina and can be either red or green.

Red and green light, however have very different properties.

The wavelength of light we see depends on the color of the rod and the cone.

When we see red light, it is the light that the rod detects.

The cone is the one that is sensitive to infrared light.

And the cone cells themselves are actually the same as rods and rods.

The difference is that when a light source is reflected from a cone cell, it changes the color in the rod cells.

Red light reflects back a yellow-orange color, while green light reflects a blue-green color.

And, as you might expect, when the rod cell is illuminated by blue-white light, the cone cell also responds to blue-red light.

When a red light hits the cone, the rod will respond in the same way as a yellow light, which makes it very easy to distinguish red and green.

In fact, the color red is actually the wavelength of blue that is detected in a cone.

The rods and cone neurons also respond in a similar way to the blue light.

In the eye itself, we have about 1,200 types of cones.

The types of cone cells that are capable of seeing red and blue light have evolved since the eye first appeared in the earliest fossils.

The cones are not exactly the same in every species, but the main ones that we know about are red, green and blue.

The red cones have the ability to detect blue-infrared light.

As you can see in the figure above, red and orange cones have two different kinds of rods, which is why they are called red and red-orange cones.

This is because the rods are able see both red and yellow light at the same time.

When you look at a person with red eyes, the red cones will respond to yellow light more than blue-blue light.

The red and pink cones are different, as well.

The pink cones can see both yellow and blue-yellow light at once.

Red-orange and blue cones can detect both red-green and red light at any given time.

However, red-pink cones have more of an advantage in that they can respond more quickly to blue light than red-yellow or red-blue.

The next thing we need to know is where the eye comes from.

If we were to assume that the eyes evolved from simple rods and yellow-red cones, then the eye would have evolved from its most basic form, the photoreception.

And that is exactly what we find.

The eye is not the only organ in our bodies that has a role to play in perceiving light.

There are other eyes that are also capable of sensing infrared light, and these are called infrared vision.

The eyes are capable, in part, of detecting the color and wavelength of red light.

These other eyes also have different types of rods and the types of rod cells that respond to the different wavelengths.

The most common type of rod is called a rod with a red, yellow and green pigment.

When light hits these rods, the rods respond in two ways: one, they respond in blue, which means they pick up red light; and, two, they react in red, which signals that the light is blue.

There is some variation in how the rods react to different wavelengths, as the rod with the most sensitive rods may respond more rapidly to blue than other rods.

What happens when we look at something like a star?

The most obvious thing to do is to look at it.

The star in question, the Orion Nebula, is the brightest object in the universe.

And when we see the light of a star, we are able in part to see a part of its image that we could never see before.

This image is called the “spectrum” of the light.

We can see red, blue and green wavelengths that would normally be invisible to our eyes.

If you are looking at a star in the night sky, you will see the spectrum of light in this part of

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