The Palaces of the Royal Palaces

By Matt FortunaThe Royal Palais of Versailles are often described as the crown jewel of French culture, with its grand palaces and gardens and magnificent domes.

But this was never meant to be a palace.

Instead, it was built for a king, Louis XIV, in the late 17th century.

Louis wanted his palaces to stand out from the rest of Verseilles, to create a distinctive architectural statement and to give the palace a distinctive, royal aura.

To build the palace, Louis ordered a massive, three-story, brick-and-stone building, which was completed in 1783.

Versaillon was a grand and ornate palace that would serve as the heart of Versais palace, the palace’s main entrance.

It was designed to look like an enormous, ornate gazebo, surrounded by gardens, the kind of landscape most people associate with Versaillese architecture.

The palace was intended to be the ultimate royal residence.

Louis had no idea how he was going to pay for it.

The Palace of Versaiilles, in fact, was financed by a foreign source: the royal household of the German king.

Louis ordered that Versailly be built by a German firm, but he was never sure who would actually build it.

In the end, Louis decided to use a Dutch firm, the B.A.G.G., as the builder.

The B. A. G. G., founded in 1770, was a Dutch company that would later be bought by the Netherlands-based company Vattenfall.

The new company was able to borrow money from the French royal household, which then loaned the company a portion of the cost of the palace.

Louis commissioned the B-G.

G.’s construction firm to complete the palace by March 1789.

When Louis built the palace on Versaille, he knew the structure would have to be very big, but that he was not worried about the size of the building.

“The Palais des Palaces, on the contrary, is small in the scale of the whole country,” he wrote in his diary, “but very large in its beauty.”

Louis ordered the palace to be built with a number of massive stone columns, and to have a great deal of arches and arched roofs.

The columns and arches would help to create the palace sense of space, which Louis hoped would give it a distinct look and feel.

Louis also wanted to create an air of elegance, with ornate arches that would create an impression of the grandeur of the royal residences in Versaelles palace.

Louis also wanted the palace walls to be white, because he thought it would make the building look more imposing, as it would stand out in the crowd of Verses guests.

The white walls, which were constructed using limestone quarries in the south of France, were designed by a Swiss architect, Johann-Georg Friedrich von Töpfel.

The plan was for the palaces walls to rise up from the ground.

They would be about 100 feet high, and each tower would be 10 feet high.

Each tower would have four stories.

The top stories would be the highest part of the towers.

They could also be 20 feet or 30 feet high in order to give them an airiness.

But the design was meant to provide a sense of height, and not for the most ostentatious or imposing of palaces.

“All the windows will be high,” Louis wrote in a diary.

“For the purpose of beauty and of decorating the palace I have placed them at the top of each tower, the top and bottom, and the top, middle, and bottom of the balconies.

They will be a height of 10 feet.”

The plan for the exterior of the Versaills palace.

The plan was to have all the columns, arches, and roofs rise from the top.

(Courtesy of the Palace of the Palaces)In the plan, the palases exterior was to be decorated in white, the same color as the interior of the mansion.

Louis planned for the palace interior to be painted white, and all the windows to be tall, to give a sense that the palace was located at the very top of the city.

But he didn’t want the windows of the palays interior to look over a balcony, which would be impossible.

The palaces interior, decorated in a dark blue color.

(Hulton Archive/Getty Images)The palace had to have two entrances: a first one that led to the gardens and a second entrance that led into the palace courtyard.

There, Louis had to build a huge courtyard with arches to allow the palais courtyard to be reached from the palace and the gardens.

The entrance to the courtyard was also called the “palaces courtyard.”

The palace courtyard was to feature arches in a red, white, or blue color, depending on which part of Versiilles was in

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