‘This Is the Worst’: How Paris Hilton Fucked a Pregnant Woman’s Necklace

“The world is full of beautiful things.

What’s this, the whole world?”

— Paris Hilton, “Bitch, You’re the One”The best thing about Paris Hilton is how she gets away with everything.

And now, she’s getting away with this one thing as well.

She’s got her own private collection of beautiful jewelry that she sells for a little more than $200,000, according to Radar Online.

But it’s all fake, according, because the “real thing” is her $200 million collection of necklaces.

“I’m just so lucky.

I have a lot of stuff, a lot.

So I sell them, I don’t have to worry about money,” Hilton, 38, said in a new video.

“It’s all just fake.”

The video was uploaded to a video sharing site in January and was viewed more than 2 million times.

Hilton’s jewelry has been in the public eye since it was discovered last year.

The jewelry, which is available on eBay for $200 and sells for up to $1,200, is fake.

According to the video, the fake jewelry includes rings that are “designed to look like real jewelry.”

The jewelry in question, according the listing, is made of titanium, gold, and diamonds.

It also includes a diamond bracelet with a fake diamond attached, a gold necklace with fake diamonds, and a bracelet with real diamonds.

In January, Hilton had posted on Instagram that she had “been buying fake necklacing for a while” and was “getting really excited.”

But she later said she was joking.

She posted on Twitter that she bought her jewelry in January, but the necklace she bought wasn’t fake.

“My necklace was actually purchased a few days ago and I bought it from a shop on a Friday, not on a Saturday,” Hilton said.

“I don’t know why I was getting so excited.

That’s not how you do things.”

Hilton has been criticized for her behavior.

She was previously slammed for wearing designer jeans in Paris in 2015 and her husband, Nick Cannon, had to apologize for the “tasteless” comment.

The pair apologized, and Cannon was suspended for one week.

Hilton also had to apologise for her wardrobe in a series of Instagram posts last year, when she showed off her “perfect” gowns.

The dresses had an oversized waist, a waist-length skirt and a “dressy-girl” silhouette.

A source told Radar that the jewelry was in the “same place” that was used to sell fake jewelry.

In an Instagram video on Monday, Hilton, who has three children, said she’s not going to stop selling her jewelry.

“If I have anything to say, I’m just going to keep selling it,” Hilton told the outlet.

“If I do get arrested, I might be like, ‘I’m selling it, I’ve never sold it.’ “

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