How to buy a house in Paris with $1m of savings

Here are the tips you need to know about buying a house there.


Buy your own home 2.

Take advantage of local sales 3.

Know your rights 4.

Pay your bills on time 5.

Avoid credit card scams 6.

Avoid the hidden taxes and fees 7.

Find a good mortgage provider 8.

Check if there are any local holidays to look forward to 9.

Make sure you have enough cash to live on in Paris 10.

Avoid taking the subway to work 11.

Find your next destination 12.

Get your Paris travel itinerary 13.

Do your homework 14.

Keep track of local tourism events 15.

Learn the best places to buy gifts 16.

Know the best ways to shop in Paris 17.

Make a budget to avoid getting caught up in the holidays 18.

Take the plunge to Paris 19.

Find the best restaurants and shops 20.

Learn to cook with local ingredients 21.

Learn how to dress to impress people from Paris 22.

Read about the best hotels in Paris 23.

Learn about the local festivals 24.

Get to know the local art scene 25.

Check out some of the best attractions in Paris 26.

Find out what the best museums are doing 27.

Get an overview of Paris’ art scene 28.

Learn more about the most important landmarks in Paris 29.

Get a peek inside the famous museums in Paris 30.

Get the latest news and travel tips for Paris 31.

Find some of Paris best attractions and shops 32.

Learn what to do when you get bored in Paris 33.

Get advice from some of France’s best travel agents 34.

Explore the best bars and restaurants in Paris 35.

Take a tour of some of French museums in the French capital 36.

Get more tips on the best way to travel to Paris 37.

Get some advice on what to wear in Paris 38.

Get tips on how to stay safe in Paris 39.

Learn French and get a French passport 40.

Find all the best French holidays in France 41.

Take French lessons in Paris 42.

Get travel tips and tips for the UK 43.

Find tips on French festivals in France 44.

Get all the latest travel tips in France 45.

Learn some of London’s best holiday spots 46.

Learn English to be a better tourist in France 47.

Learn tips for getting the most out of your holiday in France 48.

Get everything you need in Paris 49.

Get France’s top 10 restaurants and bars 50.

Get free French lessons from our travel experts 51.

Get expert advice from a French travel agent 52.

Learn all about the city’s best restaurants 53.

Learn Spanish to get the most of your visit to Paris 54.

Learn a bit more about France’s food 53.

Visit the best tourist sites in Paris 55.

Get exclusive French language content on French TV 56.

Get French-language guides to help you get the best of Paris 57.

Get full French lessons for a fraction of the price 58.

Learn everything you can about the art and culture of Paris 59.

Take our online French lessons to make French learning even easier 60.

Find travel tips from some famous Parisians 61.

Get detailed tips on all the major French destinations in France 62.

Get essential tips for finding the best things to do in Paris 63.

Get up-to-date on the latest events in Paris 64.

Learn where to eat, shop and drink in Paris 65.

Discover all the museums in France 66.

Learn which museums are best for French festivals 67.

Find French-speaking restaurants and cafes in Paris 68.

Get help from a professional guide 69.

Learn from a local guide 70.

Get real-time French-style advice for your next trip 71.

Learn every day life in Paris 72.

Get top tips on local events in France 73.

Find local events for your upcoming holiday trip 74.

Discover what is on offer at the best cafes in France 75.

Learn Paris’ best local businesses and pubs 76.

Find great restaurants in the best parts of Paris 77.

Get access to our live-streamed French-themed events from the best restaurant locations in Paris 78.

Get personalized advice on Paris’ top tourist attractions 79.

Learn an authentic French accent in France 80.

Find restaurants in each of Paris’s districts 81.

See the best Paris bars and nightclubs 82.

See a range of events and festivals in Paris 83.

Learn our French lessons about Paris 84.

Learn in English for free 85.

Get our French-specific guide to the best locations to visit 86.

Get details on the many events in the Paris area 87.

Learn around the world in Paris 88.

Find places to enjoy a Paris wedding 89.

Find where to get a beautiful French accent 90.

Find more local holiday spots in Paris 91.

Get directions to many of the top tourist destinations in Paris 92.

Find what’s on offer in Paris 93.

Get out of the house for a night out 94.

Find amazing local events that you can attend 95.

Get on top of Paris events that are going on right now 96.

Get local information about events

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