Jerusalem museum to open in new digs in new surroundings

The new digs will include an auditorium, two theatres and a new reading room for the museum’s newly established program of research, art and music.

A new entrance to the museum will be built on the site of the former headquarters of the Israel Antiquities Authority, which was demolished in 1948.

The new digs, which are scheduled to open on Jan. 1, 2018, will be located in a small building located on the eastern side of the main entrance to Jerusalem’s old city.

The building is owned by a group of international architects, who are currently working on a new entrance and an auditoria that will be open to the public.

The architects, working in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Tourism, plan to open the building and its surrounding area for free to the general public, with the goal of opening it to the international community by 2020.

They plan to create a new cultural and artistic hub and will also set up a music hall, which will be dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The project is part of the Israeli government’s push to create an Israeli state on the occupied West Bank.

The opening of the new digs coincides with the opening of an exhibition titled The Jerusalem Museum of Contemporary Art and Photography, which opens in the exhibition’s exhibition halls in Jerusalem on Monday.

The exhibition will showcase some of the most significant works of Israeli contemporary art, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

It will feature works by some of Israel’s most renowned contemporary artists.

The main exhibition space will be divided into four sections:The building itself will be the main exhibition area, with a number of galleries and exhibition spaces on the ground floor.

There will also be a new auditorium dedicated to music.

The facility will include a new library, a reading room, a video production studio, a theater and a sound room.

The auditorium will also include a digital media centre, a conference room and an outdoor courtyard for the public to exercise.

The new space will also house a special exhibition space for the Jerusalem International Film Festival, which begins in March 2019.

At the exhibition hall, visitors will be able to view the works of some of Jerusalem’s most famous artists, including Raphael and Raphael Koons, and visit the exhibition of the same name.

The museum will also open a series of digital and print exhibitions and multimedia presentations that will highlight the achievements of the museum and the city’s rich history.

A permanent exhibit titled The Life of Michelangelo in the Palazzo di Fiore will be opened in 2018.

The project, which is being organized by the Israel National Museum of Modern Art, is being funded by a partnership between the Israel Arts Foundation and the Israel Art Foundation.

The exhibit was designed by the Jerusalem Architecture Museum and will feature paintings by contemporary artist Zvi Albaran, as well as works by Israeli artists such as Adolph Klimt and Michael Korsgaard.

The Jerusalem Museum will also offer a new book collection that includes works by a variety of Israeli artists, as part of an initiative aimed at celebrating Israeli artists.

Museum officials have previously announced plans to host a new exhibition of contemporary Israeli artists called The Art of the Modern Artist, and they have also launched a new video series called Israel: A New History.

The city is also planning to expand the collection of modern art, and the collection will include works by international artists such, Giorgio de Chirico, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Casals, Pablo Mies, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ai Weiwei, and Alexander Calderon.

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