Dine in Paris, Dine at Versailles: Where to Eat in Paris

PARIS — You may not have been a fan of Versailly’s recent renovations.

But if you have been in Paris recently, you’ve probably been looking for a new spot to dine.

A new dine-in restaurant, Versailles Dining, will open soon at the Palace Arts Museum.

The Palace Arts is a collection of artworks, which has been housed at the Parisian Palace for more than 400 years.

Visitors can dine on traditional French dishes at Versas Café and in a new restaurant called the Kitchen, which will offer more contemporary and regional fare.

On Wednesday, the Palace unveiled a special display at the museum celebrating its centennial, in honor of its 50th anniversary.

It features an array of works from around the world, including an art exhibition that has been in storage since its initial exhibition in 2009.

At Versaills Dining on the second floor, guests can order dinner from a menu that includes dishes from across the globe.

They can choose between vegetarian, meat and gluten-free options, as well as a number of entrees and desserts.

“Dine in Versaillon, dine in the Palace.

We’ve got a special menu and you can have it all,” said Philippe-Alexandre Guillemin, executive chef and owner of the Palace’s Kitchen.

A number of restaurants and cafes are currently open at Versiilles Dining in Paris.

You can visit VersaILLES Dining online at www.versaillessdining.com, on social media at Facebook and Instagram @VersaillensDining and on Twitter at @VersiillessDining.

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