Dzs Palaces: A glimpse at the world’s most beautiful private homes

Palaces have been around since the dawn of civilisation and were once an important part of the French colonial empire.

Today, many French families choose to stay in their own homes, rather than rent out space for a grand or exclusive event.

But what is a private home and what can it look like?

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, according to one of the architects of Dzsa’s own home, Nicolas Bocquey.

He explains that the home has always been a reflection of his identity as a man and a father of two.

“I have always lived in the same house as my mother and sister,” he explains.

“As a child I wanted to build something for my mother, but she had already decided that I was a woman and I never had a home.”

Dzsi Palaces is the latest project to take advantage of the trend for private homes in France.

The property is set in a historic part of Paris and includes an underground water tunnel that provides water for a large garden.

“The idea was that we wanted to have the space where people can come, but also to have it where people have to live,” says Nicolas.

“We wanted to create a space for people to feel comfortable.

The design is very minimal, it is simple, it’s clean.

We are all very lucky in France that we have so many beautiful, lovely, well-known and important people that we can come together with.”

The main residence is a three-bedroom house built by a local architect, which was sold to Dzsyan for €25 million ($35 million).

The architects are now renovating it to include a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom, as well as a private office and lounge.

The interior is designed by a team from Dzsym.

The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a swimming pool and a garden, with a view of the city, the Arc de Triomphe and the Pyrenees.

“In this house we have two levels, the main floor and the second floor,” explains Nicolas.

The main floor is a full-sized kitchen, with an open-plan living room, and an open terrace, with the kitchen, living room and lounge on one level and a terrace on the other.

“This house is the main living room of the house,” he says.

“On the second level you have a small living room with a large open kitchen and a small dining room, but on the main level we have a private bedroom with a fireplace, so it’s a great living room.”

DZsyan says that the main house in Dzso Palaces will feature the same layout as other Dzschis houses, but with the added touch of a terracotta roof.

The terracot tile roof creates an atmosphere of natural light, which helps keep the temperature of the whole house in check.

“It is not a glass façade, it was not made with glass,” explains Dzspa’s architect, Nicolas.

There is also a natural-looking window in the back, where the sun would shine through the glass faade.

Nicolas says that when he came up with the idea of building the house, he saw that it was the perfect place to live.

“When you see a room like this, you imagine yourself in it,” he tells us.

“You feel that you are living inside a home, but the fact is you are actually in a private house.”

The first floor is home to a private study, and a library with a small entrance on the right hand side.

“There is also an office space,” explains the architect.

“Here you can read the newspapers, read the magazines and have coffee in the morning and then relax and have dinner and talk with your friends in the evening.”

The second floor is also the home of a swimming complex, and it has a large swimming pool.

The garden is also part of Dzassa’s design.

“If we build a pool, it would be in the garden,” explains Lise, the architect of the garden.

The large open-air terrace is an ideal place to have a coffee, a glass of wine, a tea, a conversation, a meal or even just a little bit of conversation, she says.

Dzssa is currently planning on expanding the building into a five-storey apartment complex, with three bedrooms on the top floor, three bathrooms and a swimming bath.

The remaining two floors have been turned into apartments and the third floor has been converted into a studio.

“Now we are planning to build a whole apartment complex,” explains Ms Lise.

“And I think we are going to create an apartment in Dzapsa.

We have been planning this project for a long time, so we are very excited.”

Dzaspa is also planning to turn the remaining part of its property into a spa

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