Palace Arts Journal: Art of the Palace

The Art of The Palace is a publication of the Palaces Arts Journal, an independent, peer-reviewed journal published in Paris.

Its editors are three artists who have been active in the Palace arts scene for over a decade.

These three artists are Philippe Sébastien Bouchard, Pierre-Paul Bourdin and Olivier de Rouvray.

The Journal is a joint venture between the Palades Arts Journal and Palaces Palaces, an institution of art that has been active since 1973, when it published its first issue.

It has been the subject of much discussion and debate on the internet, including at the Paris Saint-Germain website.

I am delighted to welcome these three talented artists to our team.

Philippe Sèbastian Bourdin – A master of the fine art of the house, he has won the prestigious Prix de la Palée du Vieux Carré.

He is one of the leading artists in France and is currently a member of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in London.

He was a member in 2005 of the Royal Academy’s prestigious BAFTA-winning film award jury.

Pierre- Paul Bourdin has won a BAFTA and the European Art prize, the National Portrait Gallery’s Lifetime Achievement award and the Royal Institute of Arts’ Grand Prize.

He has also received the Palais de France’s Lifetime Fellowship.

Olivier de Remy – He is a French national, a painter of fine art, an accomplished sculptor and an accomplished painter of oil on canvas.

He won the Prix de La Palée d’Orléans in 1998, and is a member at the Paléon de la Cinéma and at the Institut d’art et d’histoire in Paris and is the patron of the Paris Museum of Fine Art.

He became an artist in Paris in 1985 and is still active in his field.

He received the prestigious Palais d’Honneur in 2009 and is on the Board of the Artistic Society of France.

Pierre Paul Bourdillon – Olivier is an internationally renowned sculptor who has won numerous awards in France, including the Grand Prix d’Art et d’thique and the Palée de France.

He’s a member on the board of the European Academy of Art and a member the National Council of Arts and Design.

He made his mark in Paris when he painted the first portrait of Napoleon.

Olivier’s career is currently in full bloom and his works are in the collections of the National Gallery of Art in Brussels.

He works with both large and small studios.

Pierre Philippe Sondou – His works are exhibited in many art museums and are considered to be among the most important in the world.

His paintings are often exhibited at prestigious exhibitions, and his portfolio includes over 1,000 works.

He created the iconic Saint-Michel church and is also a major figure in the history of the French architecture.

Olivier was awarded the Prix dans les arts de France in 2008, the prestigious Pompidou Prize for Painting in 2010, the BAFTA Award for Fine Art in 2012, the European Prize for Design in 2015 and the Grand Prize of the Pompideaux du Palécnique in 2016.

He continues to be a member and a contributor to the Palade and the Institue of Fine Painting.

Olivier and Philippe Soussain – Olivier and Pierre Philippe are a close pair.

The duo has collaborated on over 30 paintings and sculptural works, and has exhibited at the Palace and the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Modern in London as well as in various other art institutions.

In 2017, they collaborated on a painting by Claude Monet, and in 2018, they created a piece for the French artist Philippe Lefebvre.

Philippe has also been featured in numerous other museums, galleries and art houses.

He also received an honorary doctorate of Fine Fine Arts from the Instituer des Arts de Paris.

Olivier De Rouvay – A young French artist, he is a graduate of the University of Paris in 2009.

His work is exhibited in the Institues des Beaulieu in Paris as well.

He began his career as a sculptor in 2008.

His works have been featured at the prestigious Paris Louvre, the Art Gallery of California, the Royal Salon de France, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre in London and the Metropolitan Art Museum in New Zealand.

His most famous works include the work for which he is best known as a model in the film The Prestige.

He recently returned to France with his family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the institute.

He continued to work as a young artist in the city of Marseille and the region of Lyon until he retired in 2020.

Olivier recently published his new book in the same format as his paintings.

This book features many of his paintings as well, including his monumental work

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