Why are so many people taking up art?

Palace arts journal (PAS) has asked its readers to share their experiences of the art world, as part of a new project.PAS, which has a strong focus on art as an antidote to the pandemic, will feature stories of people who have lost loved ones to the disease.

Pas has a special focus on the stories of women, especially the many who have been survivors.

The idea for the project was born in June 2017 when a mother who had lost a child to the virus, who had been a member of the royal family, said she was concerned about the lack of women in the art community.

The mother’s request was met with an outpouring of support from her community and PAS.

The group then began looking for people who had died from the pandemics.

The first person to emerge was a woman from the royal palace who was not only a member, but was the oldest surviving member of her family.

Her story touched the heart of the group.

Since then, the group has had dozens of people submit their stories, some of which have already been published.

The PAS team is now focusing on creating a platform for people to share with each other their stories of losing loved ones.

“I believe that a platform like this will be an important tool to allow for sharing of their personal stories, and hopefully help in bringing more awareness to the issues surrounding pandemias,” said Anna Keshav, the PAS editor in chief.

The site is currently undergoing maintenance.

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