‘The Palace of Dreams’: Inside the Mind of a Prince in the Making

In his recent book, The Palace of the Mind, Prince Philip explores his relationship with his father, the late King George VI, and the life of the late Queen Elizabeth.

He describes how he grew up as an heir to the throne in the Royal Palace in Windsor, England.

He was raised in the private palace of his mother, Princess Elizabeth, and raised to believe that she was the real Queen of England, a title he never had, he writes.

His father died in 1952, but the relationship between Prince Philip and his mother continued to evolve.

At the time, he was a teenager, living in the Buckingham Palace, and it was his mother who had married him in 1952.

He is now in his thirties, and in the book, he describes the life he has led as he explores the palace of the mind, where he has spent a number of years.

Prince Philip’s book is based on his personal experiences in the palace.

In it, he has described how he had to learn how to be a private person in the royal household, where the palace was the centre of life.

He says he has learned to deal with all aspects of life inside the palace, including a lack of privacy.

“I am a private individual, a private woman, a man who is in charge of his life,” he writes in the introduction to the book.

The palace was a place where the queen was surrounded by her family and friends, he says, and he spent time with them.

He recalls how he used to go to the palace for a week or two a year to meet the royal family.

“The Palace was the place where all the king’s people lived and where they would meet to discuss politics and business, the economy and other things,” he says.

“It was a palace of great pomp and glory.”

The royal family were not always the centre, but there was still a strong emphasis on the family, he explains.

“There was still an emphasis on my father and on my mother,” he explains, noting that when his father died, he and his sister Mary Margaret took up the position of Queen.

“In those days it was just us, the royal families.

We were there to serve our mother, our father.”

He recalls his first meeting with the Queen.

He met her in 1954, at a royal reception in St James’ Palace in London, when he was 17 years old.

The two became fast friends, and they married in 1960.

In 1962, the two divorced.

But Prince Philip is still involved in the family business, serving as the honorary director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), a think-tank that provides policy advice to the British government and is responsible for foreign policy and defence matters.

“He is not only the heir to my father’s throne, but also to the Queen’s,” his mother says in the preface to the paperback edition of the book that he has written.

“So, it is in my interest to support his efforts in all areas of my life.”

He is not alone in this, says the prince, who has described his life in the UK as a “career-long adventure.”

But he is not the only royal family member who has been involved in his family business.

His sister Mary has been an ambassador to the UK for the last 30 years.

“My sister has been in every government department that I have been involved with since I was about 14 years old, so I am very familiar with the British political system,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

He has said that he will stay involved with his mother’s company in the future, but not on the royal throne.

“When I get older, my interest in the business is very different,” he explained.

“On the royal scale, I am a royal adviser to the prime minister and I can be the ambassador.

I have a role in foreign policy, I have an international relationship with the United Nations, and I have the job of representing the British public.”

He says that he is looking forward to the future.

“As I am going into my thirtieth year of life, I’m looking forward for many years to the days of the monarchy,” he told Al Jazeera in a telephone interview.

“And the idea of it being my legacy, that’s very exciting.”

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