When the palace is full of ‘the world’s biggest stars’

The world’s greatest minds have been invited to the Royal Palaces of the Universe to celebrate the birth of a new species of star.

The Royal Palais of the Arts, in London, will host the inaugural meeting of the New Zealand-based Association for the Study of the Human Brain and the New York-based Royal Society of the Medicine Arts on Monday (NZ time).

The meeting will take place at the Royal Hall, which is home to the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland.

“We will have world-class researchers, world-leading neuroscientists, and the world’s best neuroscientist, Dr John Mascarenhas, the head of the Royal College of Surgeons,” said Royal Palace of the Americas President and CEO, Richard Dargan.

“The Royal Palace’s reputation as a destination for the world to see and learn about the best of the best has been recognised by the world over, and now we are proud to be part of the celebration.”

The Royal College will also host a meeting of New Zealand’s leading neuroscience researchers and a symposium with neuroscientissts from across the globe.

The group will also be presented with the first ever Royal Palaeontology Prize.

The prestigious prize is awarded annually to the best young scientist working on a project that advances knowledge in the field of human evolution, the Royal Society said.

“It is the highest honour for anyone working in the sciences to receive the Royal Prize, and we are honoured to be able to celebrate such a wonderful occasion with the world,” said Dr Mascarelli.

“This will also allow us to explore what the future of our research may hold, and how to make the best use of the resources available in the next phase of our work.”

The International Association of Neuroscience will host an annual symposium on brain imaging in the Royal Palace.

The event will take the theme ‘Brain imaging in human evolution’ and focus on the development of technologies to study human brains, and what they can tell us about human behaviour and consciousness.

It will take a look at the neuroscience of empathy and compassion, as well as how we might one day use such technologies to treat mental health disorders.

“I am particularly excited to see this symposium focusing on the potential of neuroscience in the future to provide new tools for the treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions,” said Richard Dyson, chief executive of the British Psychological Society.

“A major goal of this symposia will be to build on the scientific understanding of neuroscience and other disciplines to develop better treatment strategies.”

Scientists are also invited to attend an informal meeting of senior scientists from around the world.

This event will focus on neuroscience research in general and its potential to advance human health and wellbeing.

“One of the big problems we are facing is the huge number of people with mental health problems who can’t get access to treatment,” Dr Dyson said.”[We] need to get to a point where we can have a better understanding of what causes mental health issues, and to get a better grip on how to prevent them.”


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