Paris: Paris Palace Arts Journal, Paris Fashion Design, Paris Film Festival, Paris Architecture Festival

Paris (AFP) – Paris Palace Art Journal, the Paris fashion design journal and the Paris Film festival, have been awarded Paris’ most prestigious prize for 2016.

The Palace Arts journal was awarded the prestigious Prix de la Republique in Paris on Tuesday by the French Academy of Arts and Sciences, with the publication of its third issue this year.

The Palace Arts award is given to a French magazine or periodical that has demonstrated its value to the French community, the publication said.

The Palaces design award is the third for the publication and is for the best new work in the design field, it said.

“The Palades Design Award is not only a celebration of the publication’s innovative design and the creativity of the artists who have contributed to it,” the magazine said.

“It also recognizes the contribution of all its contributors, who have made this publication and its content both worthwhile and enduring.

The Palades Award is a fitting recognition of the exceptional spirit of the Palades that is its hallmark.”

The Palates Fashion award is awarded to a contemporary fashion magazine that has created a style and aesthetic that reflects Paris’ rich tradition, said the magazine.

It has been named the most influential fashion magazine in France by Time magazine and a French edition of the Financial Times, it added.

The Paris Fashion Festival was named the top fashion festival in the world by Marie Claire magazine and the top French fashion show by Elle magazine.

The French Culture and Archives, a museum and archives for the culture and history of the city of Paris, will present the Palaces Design Award to the award-winning Paris Palace arts journal for its outstanding work on the theme of design and culture in the Palais de Paris.

The award will be presented to the winner at the Paris Palace’s annual awards ceremony on Dec. 7.

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