How to get out of the Palace of Versailles

The American conservative magazine National Review is asking for help from readers to get the cover of its next issue out of a hotel in Paris.

The issue will run on January 16 and it asks readers to email editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg to share the cover with them.

The magazine’s current cover features an image of an African elephant, and it’s the latest cover featuring an African lion in recent memory.

The new cover features a white woman holding a baby, while the other side shows a young woman in the throes of childbirth.

In both cases, the woman holds her child close to her chest, and the lion is shown wearing a cape.

It’s unclear if this is the same woman in question.

The article has received more than 2,000 comments on the cover, and there have been several posts on the National Review’s Facebook page.

The cover image is the latest in a series of blackface images that have appeared in American news media since the 2016 election.

In April, a photograph of the Rev. Al Sharpton in his blackface mask and wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “Hate crime” went viral after he spoke at a rally in Atlanta.

“I’m not a racist.

But I am the most intolerant and most racist person in America,” Sharpton said.

The image is an apparent reference to a tweet by the controversial black activist who made the tweet, and whose Twitter handle is @Al SharptonJr.

The tweet referenced a tweet that Sharpton made earlier this month in which he called for the resignation of President Donald Trump.

He called for his followers to tweet his hashtag, #ShameOnYou, after the president’s comments about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.

The President of the United States has no business being in the White House.

It is a grave injustice and a violation of the Constitution and the rule of law.

The #ShamingYou hashtag was created on January 8, 2017, when actor and rapper Travon Free, who has been outspoken against racism and inequality in the United State, retweeted a tweet from the President of The United States calling for the suspension of NFL players and the firing of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is the head of the league.

In a statement, the NFL said that it is “disappointed” with the decision to fire the commissioner, and that it will investigate all possible actions by the league regarding the actions of its players.

In January, Free released a new song titled #ShitHurt, in which the rapper says he’s going to “kill Trump.”

The tweet was widely shared on social media, with many people saying it was a reference to Trump.

On Thursday, the White Trump Organization tweeted a statement saying that it was “disgusted” that the President would “pander to the very people he is vilifying and mocking with this hateful and racially charged tweet.”

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