‘A little bit of everything’: How Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s family reacts to trial

After a long, chaotic week, the trial of Dzhosav Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, is set to start this week in the United States. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:1.

Tamerl is a US citizen.2. 

Tamerlen Tsarnaev was born in the US.3. 

The two brothers are the youngest of four siblings. 


The Tsarnaev brothers have a strong relationship with their parents, according to their aunt, Dina Shulman.5.

Dzhocar Tsarnaev, the younger brother, was a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he was arrested and later killed.6.

Dzokhar, Taji, and Dzhogar Tsarnaev were arrested in Russia in December 2012, after a shootout with police.7.

The brothers were ordered to be held without bail in a maximum security federal prison in the eastern Russian city of Smolensk.8.

Dziokhar and Taji Tsarnaev were the three youngest of five brothers, and each is the second oldest of the four.9.

DZSO was created by Congress in 2011 to ensure the speedy deportation of criminals from the US to Russia.10.

The law allows for the extradition of US citizens to Russia for prosecution and trial, as long as they meet certain criteria.11.

In December 2012 a Russian court sentenced Dzhomar Tsarnaev to death for the 2011 Boston Marathon bombing, which he was also convicted of.12.

Russia has agreed to release Dzhonar Tsarnaev after he completes a five-year prison sentence, according a Russian news report.13.

The US has suspended its support for Russia, citing security concerns over its decision to release Tsarnaev.14.

Russia’s Justice Ministry has accused the US of violating the rights of Dzosav, saying that his family was unfairly treated.15. 

Russia is currently holding the third-largest number of Russian political prisoners after China and Cuba.

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