A new study claims that the world’s richest people can be the best-educated people in the world

The world’s wealthiest people have the highest average IQ scores, according to a new study by the Oxford Martin School.

Researchers at the school say the findings suggest that the best people can solve problems the fastest.

They compared the worlds richest people to the smartest people in every other developed country on the planet and found that the smartest were much more likely to be educated.

The Oxford study also found that those with the highest IQ scores were the people who could spend the most money.

In other words, people with the best educations are the people with money.

The Oxford researchers looked at data from more than 5,000 billionaires, from the US to Singapore.

What they found was that the rich have the lowest average IQs.

And they were more likely than the average person to be experts in their fields.

That means that the wealthy are better educated than the rest of us.

But they are not necessarily better educated, and they have much lower average IQ.

According to the Oxford researchers, their study showed that the top 20 richest people in Europe have IQ scores of 85, which is roughly the IQ of a person who grew up in a household without an IQ test.

(This is why I can understand why people say, “I’m a genius, but I’m not intelligent.”) 

In fact, only 13% of the world population has an IQ of 100, according the OECD.

So, according our researchers, the smartest individuals are the ones who are smarter than the rich.

You know who else has an average IQ of 85?

Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey is the most successful female celebrity in the business world.

She’s the richest person in America and the most popular celebrity in America.

But she’s also one of the smartest.

I’m not saying Oprah Winfield has an 85 IQ.

But I am saying that the very wealthiest have a better average IQ than the majority of people who are not in the top 10. 

You know, I think that the most important thing we can do is look at what the data shows and make decisions based on that. 

The study also looked at a different group of billionaires: the super-rich. 

They’re the super rich. 

Their average IQ is 95.

But they’re a lot smarter than you. 

And the Oxford study found that their average IQ score was the highest in the country. 

In other word, if you want to have a life in the U.S., you better be the smartest person in your household. 

But what do I know?

I’m a billionaire. 

So I’m the smartest in the family.

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