Book of the Month: “Palace of the Stars” by John C. Reilly

The title of this week’s book of the month was one of the more shocking things to hit the book industry in a while.

“Palaces of the stars” by the late, great John C Reilly (1930-2017) is an oddball work that mixes the darkly comic and the hauntingly poetic with the surreal.

It was published in January 2017 and was written by Reilly in the late ’60s.

But it’s a book of its own: it’s an adaptation of the classic novel by Philip Roth that was adapted into the film adaptation of “The Shining” in the 1980s.

In its original version, the title was “PalACE OF THE STARS” and the story centers around a man named “Bobby” who gets lost in a dream and ends up on a spaceship.

“Bobs” is a man who lives on a planet where the stars and planets are all different and it’s the same everywhere.

He falls in love with a girl named “Katie” and together they become part of a spaceship called “Starlight” that has a few strange, dark characters on board.

And when Bobby starts getting lost and the ship starts going out of control, “Bob” is the only one who knows where he is.

The plot is a little too dense to be enjoyable and I’m not sure I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to go deep into the book.

But “Palaced” is about as deep as it gets.

In “Palades of the Star,” the story takes place on a world in which the stars all look very different.

But Bobby and Katie are on the planet where all the stars are the same and they’re trapped on the same planet with the same people.

They’re just two of thousands of people on this planet.

They spend their lives traveling from planet to planet to get to the same place.

The book also explores how the universe works.

There are many different universes that inhabit the planet and the characters on these worlds have to adapt to survive.

They have to use different methods to survive and they have to get along with each other.

The story also explores some very serious themes that affect how we see ourselves and how we view the world around us.

Reilly’s writing is often about the darker side of the human experience.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a very dark person,” he once told Vanity Fair.

“When I was young I was very much into crime and I became a serial killer.

That’s all that I’m into.

And I’ve always had a tendency to do the things that were immoral.”

Reilly’s books often include a strong sense of the supernatural in them, as well as a sense of mystery and a sense that the world is mysterious and unknowable.

The title “Palamedes” is an apparent reference to the story of Palomedes, the Greek goddess of wisdom and justice who was a very influential figure in Greek mythology.

She was also depicted as a fiery goddess of love.

Reilly also wrote a short story called “The Last Wish” that dealt with a couple who get into a dispute over a book, a book that had been taken from them by a bookseller who was selling it.

The couple argue and the seller, whom they don’t know, goes on a rampage.

But the couple eventually decide to keep the book and the man who sold it takes it back.

The man who had bought it says he sold it because it was a great book and he loved it so much that he gave it to his son and said he’d pay him back in full when the boy grew up.

Reilly told Vanity the story was a bit of a turning point for him because he had a couple of very bad experiences as a child.

“One time, I was getting my teeth knocked out, my stomach flipped and I had my fingers pulled out,” he said.

“And that was the worst day of my life.

I felt terrible.”

He later had a long and successful career as a writer.

The “Palamees” story and Reilly’s other works have inspired numerous films and TV shows.

He wrote the screenplay for the 2009 film “The Man Who Killed Sherlock Holmes” which is set in a world where the real Sherlock Holmes and the real Moriarty are living in a similar universe, which is not what the novel envisioned.

In the film, Sherlock, who is a young detective, is able to investigate a case and the case is a murder that occurred at the same hotel that Moriarty is living in.

In one scene, the film shows the hotel room where Moriarty lives.

The film has also spawned a live-action TV series, “The Return,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sherlock Holmes.

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