How Saudi Arabia’s royal court works

A year after Saudi Arabia announced plans to shut down its royal palace and make it the countrys sole media outlet, the news media is still struggling to get the message out.

The kingdom’s ruling establishment is largely locked in a vicious battle with the kingdom’s biggest and most influential newspaper, Al-Watan, for a crucial seat on the royal council, known as the zakat.

That council is a vital element of the Saudi government’s media strategy and is the only one where the Saudi monarchy can be seen as a major player.

The zakats power is the primary reason why the kingdom has so many competing media outlets, and it’s why the country’s royals are so often unable to get anything done in the media.

The ruling family has long been worried about the potential for the media to influence the royal court’s decision making.

In recent years, the Saudi royal family has made several moves to curtail the circulation of independent media in a bid to limit the impact of the media on the government and the country.

But there is no indication that these measures are having an impact.

For example, the kingdom also has recently banned the circulation and sale of newspapers and magazines, including those with political content, that criticize the ruling family.

The move was a response to an article by the conservative newspaper Al-Hayat, which called on the kingdom to stop paying Al-Jazeera for airing Saudi Arabia news.

The Al-Bayan paper was forced to shut its newspaper after its owners received death threats.

The country’s newspaper, the Al-Ekhbariya newspaper, was also banned from selling newspapers and other media.

And the royal family recently banned Saudi newspapers from printing articles critical of the king.

With so many outlets operating in the country, the lack of a unified narrative and a sense of balance between competing news sources has left the country in a position of constant conflict with the rest of the world.

“There’s no one who has more power in the kingdom than the royal house,” said Abdallah M. Khashoggi, the author of a book about the monarchy, The Kingdom of the Prince.

“They control the kingdom.

They can make all the decisions and the decisions of the government are made by them.”

The lack of unity between the media and the royal ruling family is one of the reasons why the government is constantly seeking to increase the circulation, advertising and revenue of the country s media outlets.

“The news media are the only institution that can challenge the royal line,” said Khalid Al-Mukhtar, a Saudi journalist who has written several books about the country .

“They are the voice of the people.”

In 2016, Al Jazeera English won the prestigious PEN Freedom Award for its coverage of the royal succession, which included interviews with some of the most powerful royals in Saudi Arabia.

The crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, the current king, was a vocal supporter of the award, which was bestowed by the Pulitzer Center on World Journalism.

“What is the problem?

What is the threat to democracy?

The problem is that we have no media.

No one can challenge us.

No, the problem is the state of our media,” bin Salman said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

In the end, the royal royal family had no interest in challenging Al Jazeera and had no desire to control the news outlet.

However, the country is still deeply divided.

There is a huge gap between the Saudi publics desire for freedom of the press and the media’s inability to deliver a unified story about the royal dynasty.

This is one reason why it is hard for the government to effectively govern the country and ensure that the media is respected, said Al-Sudani, the journalist who was also part of the group of journalists who visited the royal palace in March.

“Even if you give us a chance, we cannot achieve the level of freedom that we want,” he said.

For his part, Khashogoggi has been critical of Al Jazeera’s coverage, saying that the company has made it harder for the royalists to manage the media while trying to portray the royal system in a positive light.

“This is not a problem with the royal, it’s a problem for the monarchy,” he told Al Jazeera, referring to the royal rulers who control the media in the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia has one of Saudi Arabias biggest media outlets Al-Sharq al-Awsat, the state-owned Saudi newspaper that is owned by the country itself, and has been widely criticized for its biased coverage of human rights issues.

The royal court has been the main source of Al-Arabiya, the network that is funded by the royal families.

Al-Quds Al-Akhbar, the English-language newspaper of the official Saudi news agency, the Royal Court, has also been attacked for its treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia s Sunni Arab

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