What you need to know about the ‘Art of the Month’ series

Palaces and museums across the country are hosting exhibitions, concerts and events that aim to celebrate the art of the month, as well as showcase some of the most striking and innovative pieces from around the world.

Below are the key dates for the Art of the Months and the dates when you can catch a glimpse of the works displayed in the Palaces.

Art of MarchPalaces and Museums are hosting Art of March exhibitions that feature some of India’s most renowned works of art.

The exhibition is expected to run from March 1 to March 30.

Palaces, Museums, Art of AprilPalaces are hosting the first Art of Palaces exhibition, featuring works from 18th century palaces across the city.

This exhibition is the largest and most ambitious of its kind to date and will feature a wide range of works, including works from the early 19th century and 1820s.

The exhibition runs from April 9 to April 23.

Palouses, Musees, Art MayPalaces will be hosting the second Art of May exhibition, showcasing works from 19th-century palaces and will be taking a break from February to March.

The Palaces will continue the month of May with a series of exhibitions, including an exhibit of works from this era, including a rare 18th-19th century painting of an artist’s drawing.

Palades, Museals, Art JulyThe Art of July is a series showcasing works by the greatest Indian artists and will run from July 1 to July 9.

The Art of June is the month’s main exhibition, while the Art Of March and Art of February are a series highlighting contemporary Indian artworks.

Art Gallery of IndiaPalaces in New Delhi have announced that they will be running a series titled ‘Museum of India’ which is an initiative to showcase artworks from India.

This series is expected run from August 1 to August 9.

Museum, Art, PalacesPalaces is hosting a series called ‘Art Gallery’ in New York, showcasing contemporary Indian artists, as a way of showcasing the artworks produced by Indian artists in the United States.

The show will run between August 2 and September 3.

The Art Gallery of New York will be opening in September.

The Palaces in Chennai will host a series entitled ‘Mandalay Art Museum’ to showcase the works produced by artists in India.

The exhibit will run in October from October 17 to October 24.

Mandalays Palaces, Art GalleryPalaces has also announced a series that will be titled ‘Art in Chennai’ which will be a part of the Palays Art Gallery in New London.

The series is due to be held in October 2018.

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